The Devon Nicole House Jan 29, 2004 3:51 pm US/Eastern WBZ News 4 After losing their child, a New Hampshire family is now trying to help other sick kids here in the Boston area. Dr. Mallika Marshall tells us how you can help. Every year, thousands of sick children come from all over the world to Boston for medical treatment and their family members must search for places to stay, while their kids are undergoing care which can sometimes take weeks, even months. But soon, there will be a new place where families can stay for a nominal fee. Tom and Deanna Missert were overjoyed when their with triplets were born healthy six years ago. But that joy was overshadowed by devastation two years later. Deanna became pregnant again but this time, their daughter, Devon Nicole died of complications five days after she was born. Deanna Missert, Devon's mom: “She's still part of our life. There are times when it's still hard, the tears just don't show.” Now the Misserts are on a mission to help the parents of other sick children. They're trying to raise 200-thousand dollars to open a special house this spring to accommodate the families of kids being treated at Children’s hospital in Boston. Tom Missert, Devon's dad: “We're trying to help parents during a difficult time, they want to be as close to their kids as they can.” Deanna says “When you lose a child, that child is always with you, it's a pain that goes on forever, however knowing that we can help a lot of families and that she will never be forgotten is helpful.” The Misserts are holding a fundraising dinner at the Wyndham hotel in Andover on Valentine's night, Saturday, February 14th. If you'd like more information about the fundraiser or the Devon Nicole's house, log onto